Thursday, March 19, 2009

Adios Seville

Ten weeks in Seville are coming to an end amid wonderful weather; they are all outside, supping, sipping, skipping and i can sense that with the sun shining there is a little bit of a heavy heart on leaving here.
The course itself? Well with its cataphoric, anaphoric, exaphoric and deictic reference it has me looking forward looking back and beginning to think about those things that I know best; my own little personal points of reference and an ardent thirst to go back to China is tempered by the desire for the familiar and the determination to start that book on Kony, on the Zionists and their cronies, on the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and that in turn is tempered by the knowledge that if a nice ten weeks are not to be in vain, I have still to study for an exam in June. However, June is a long way off and even the "que serra" of post Saturday is not quite an issue at the moment and it is the thought of leaving Seville in the sun, my peers of the last ten weeks, and a routine that was thoroughly liveable that is responsible for the little bit of a heavy heart, that and the fact that, as always, much much more could have and should have been achieved and with my deictic reference taking me back to the 80s and my walking away from a London that I liked and my post graduate studies at the LSE with only a Master's in my pocket ..... Well, some things never change!

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