Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pax Americana

Apparently Obama has conceded for the first time that the US needs an an exit strategy in Afghanistan. Now, one wonders what shape this exit strategy will take and I am forced to think about the "exit strategy" in Vietnam and the impending, 2011, withdrawal from Iraq. What exactly is the situation there? Will they go, or will they (some of them at least) stay? More importantly, however, I find myself putting the whole thing into a historical perspective and drawing comparisons between the "Pax Americana" and the "Pax Britannica" and what an awful mess the Brits left behind them; straight lines cutting through tribal areas all over Africa, divide and rule not only on the African continent but also on the Indian sub-continent and the cock up that is the 'Durand Line' that places some Pathu in Afghanistan and some in Pakistan. Indeed, the cock up that is Pakistan itself and, of course, let us not forget the Middle East where "Blighty" had nothing better to do than give someone someone else's land, and now we have "Uncle Sam" and bad enough that he has built and prospered on "Blighty's" cock ups, worse still that he is also in the process of making a few of his own. Therefore, what do we have when he has retreated from the scene, when the sun begins to set on his little global empire? No doubt, there will be an Iraq where everyone is at each others throats, there will be an Afghanistan where "moderate" elements of the Taliban reestablish 'Sharia law' and get their brethern on the other side of the 'Durand Line' to further destabilise Pakistan .... and what will happen when our zany Zionists can no longer rely on Washington? Well, the short-sighted arrogance that they are displaying would suggest that their little diaspora won't be that far away.
The assumption is that "Uncle Sam" doesn't really care and I find my mind drifting back to 1912 when the British moved the capital of the 'Raj' from Calcutta to Delhi, built their new purpose built capital in "New Delhi" so that they could be closer to Simla and their retreat to the hills in the summer and so that they could punish the leading lights of the Congress Party, who were based in Bengal, by removing the capital, with the jobs, with the prestige etc.etc. away from that state. With the writing already on the wall that the 'Raj' was coming to an end, the myopia and vidicitiveness were all too blatant and it is also very obvious with "Uncle Sam"; kill a few more innocents, let the zany Zionists run riot, create a few more artificial borders and set up some hopelessly ineffective puppet governments and not to worry, when it comes to scores being settled, the retreat to "splendid isolation" will be well underway and it isn't your problem, you were, after all, only trying to help everyone. Of course, that little lie will be for home consumption only. For the rest of us it will be good riddance to bad rubbish.

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