Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Sting, slang: complicated confidence game planned and executed with great care

There was reference in a couple of earlier blogs of how the ethnic cleansing of Palestine entailed one of the biggest stings in the history of mankind.(1) Jonathan Cook's article, "Palestinians benefit as Israel-Turkey ties sour",(2) gives some idea as to the nature and, perhaps, extent of this sting, an even bigger theft than the Wall Street bailout, which I was discussing a yesterday.
A few weeks ago, with the Israelis wreaking havoc in Gaza, the Turkish president, Erdogan stormed out of a meeting of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, while accusing accusing Peres that he knew very well how to kill, and since then the Turkish government has given lawyers acting on behalf of Palestinians access to Ottoman land registry archives for the first time. Until now Turkey was a close military and political ally of Israel and has avoided straining ties by becoming involved in land disputes in the occupied territories.
What do the Palestinian lawyers find? Well, what they don't find are documents that support the claims of the Sephardi Jewish Association that they purchased Palestinian land in East Jerusalem in the nineteenth century and Mr Cook admirably goes on to emplify the extent of the scam by pointing to one case where Jewish settler documents were signed in 2004 by a Palestinian man who died in 1961.(3)
Now, what does the above tell us? Well, it gives us some indication as to the nature of the absurdity that is the Zionist state; a state built on someone else's land, on some gobblydegook biblical claim and on, perhaps, the biggest sting in the history of mankind, a state built on lies, lies and more lies, a state. Does it really consider itself a propostion for the longer term?
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