Friday, April 10, 2009

"American" victims of Hezbollah sue North Korea

It really is becoming difficult to pull myself away from that insult to man's intelligence that is the Zionist absurdity. There was me today with a fixed determination not to write about the region and, with blue heavens over Central Europe, I was all easy-going, full of the joys of spring and thinking of things closer to home and then out of the sun and onto the web and bang, bang, bang; the 'Jerusalem Post' today really does bring the zany Zionist zealots and their crazy road show right into your living room. "N.Korea sued for aiding Hizbollah" is the article in question and it refers to thirty plaintiffs, who all hold US citizenship, claiming that the North Korean-built bunkers enabled Hizbullah to fire thousands of rockets at Israel from below the ground, thwarting IAF efforts to locate launching pads."(1) Apart from anything else, these idiots all had American passports and once their "brave" boys started bombing Beruit they could have, had they wanted to, driven down to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv and taken the plane to their other "Heimat". No such luck for the men, women and children who were burned alive at Qana, Beruit, Bin Jbeil with weapons"made in the United States".
According to the'Haaretz'; "The suit seeks more than a $100 million in compensatory damages and an unspecified sum of punitive damages, and also names Hezbollah as a defendant."(2) In reading this we could actually hope that they plaintiffs are successful and that they all pick up their two point something million dollars; take the politics out of it and you have really got to admire their audacity especially after the recent news that an American judge has ordered Iran to pay twenty five million US dollars for the murder of an IDF soldier who also held American citizenship.(3) Indeed, maybe we should wish them luck in their claim. After all, the regime in North Korea might be unable to feed its population but it can, no doubt, afford $100 million dollars. Yes, politics aside, it really is worth a try, isn't it? Moreover it might open the floodgates for Lebanese citizens suing the American government for their aiding and abetting the Zionist terrorists in 2006, and suing the zany Zionists for their maiming and murdering. Of course, they wouldn't have a leg to stand on, and I don't only mean that literally. After all, not for them the luxury of having an American passport. Furthermore, can you imagine the repercussions of a successful claim for damages against Israel?

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