Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gerry Adams goes to Gaza

Tony Blair used to annoy me with his naive harping on about "conflict resolutions", while his ignorance of the true nature of the conflict in question was all too obvious. Yet, Blair was articulate and in the Northern Ireland situation that and the willingness of the 'Sinn Fein' leadership to put a united Ireland on hold, led to a conflict resolution of sorts; we now have an all inclusive society in the north of the island. Nevertheless, I could never overcome my suspicion that Tony didn't know very much about the island of Ireland and when he came to applying this "conflict resolution" to Palestine, he really did expose us to the most awful, albeit still articulate, uninformed drivel imaginable. Surprise, surprise then that Gerry Adams turns up in the south of Israel and Gaza and spouts off similar drivel and he was reported in 'An Phoblacht' as saying, “I believe there should be a complete cessation of all hostilities and freedom of movement for everyone. There needs to be a dialogue between the people of Palestine and their leadership; and the people of Israel and their leadership; leading to a peace settlement which must be urgently built."(1) Gerry, Tony never really quite got the picture and the fact is that the British really don't have a political role to play in the north of Ireland, and while you might be compromising, temporarily, on your ultimate goal of a united Ireland, it really is offensive to listen to you come away with the type of drivel that we have come to expect from the "Friends of Israel ltd". In Palestine, as in Ireland, there is only one party which is being wronged; the Palestinians have had their land taken away from them, they are being ethnically cleansed and if you want to make some sort of comparison you might look at the situation in Ireland not in 2009 but in 1846. Moreover, any negotiation that the Israelis are going to enter into will fail to address the ethnic cleansing of 1948, will fail to address any real Palestinian national aspirations and, indeed, will fall well short of offering the Palestinians that all inclusive society that, for the time being, nationalists in the north of Ireland are willing to accept in place of the foreseeable fulfillment of their national aspirations. Gerry, one really does wonder how you would have felt had the British offered the nationalist community in Northern Ireland the Bogside, West Belfast, Crossmaglen and a few other "Bantustans", one really wonders. It would be good if you were to do some serious research Mr Adams before you open your mouth on the subject of Palestine and if you have done your research, you should really think about what you say.
The picture above shows Ismail Haniyeh, the Palestinian prime minister, meeting Gerry Adams of 'Sinn Féin' in the Gaza Strip today

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