Friday, April 17, 2009

Bombing a Country to Democracy

Obama is continuing Bush's policy of deadly air strikes in Pakistan and with Afghanis urging him to send aid and not troops, he has ordered an additional 17,000 US combat troops to Afghanistan, and with a foreign occupation, torture, rendition, bombing civilians, going on in their country, do we really expect the Afghanis to support women's rights and democracy? Napoleon brought French ideas across the Rhine at the end of French bayonets; at the time the ideas were progressive, the reaction and rejection that followed wouldn't be. Indeed, it is not wholly wrong to argue that the manner in which those "progressive" ideas were disseminated at least helped to spawn national socialism. Then there was the British who banned thugee and surpressed the practice of sati. The Indian Mutiny of 1857/58 was to follow.
The French ideas were revolutionary in their day but you don't occupy countries and expect them to accept your ideas with open arms. The British in banning sati and tackling the practice of thuggery were only being "civilised" and now we have the advent of the "hype" man who preaches democracy and human rights but bombs civilians. Of course, it was never about the spreading of French ideas but rather about extending the borders of Imperial France and it was all about expanding the British Empire and not about spreading British "civilisation". Now, we have the "hype" man sending more young American boys to foreign fields to kill and be killed and expecting his sychophants, "blighty" to the fore, to do the same. We should, at least, be aware of why they are killing and being killed.

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