Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time to monitor the monitors

You see them everywhere I was thinking while walking through Brunel campus last summer, there they are watching your every step, from the halls, down to the bus stop and in front of Uxbridge train station, sitting at Costa's supping your coffee, peering at you and off you go"rumbly, rumbly", "chug, chug" overground, underground, and off you get and up, up into Leicester Square and there they are staring, glaring, the cctv cameras, and oops don't pull that bar of chocolate out of your pocket too quickly and don't start running if two policemen are walking towards you or then it's bang, bang, bang and curtains for you.
Klaus Matza from Vienna, a 69-year-old retired television cameraman with a taste for modern architecture,won't be returning to the "big smoke" and why? Well, it would appear that he and his teenage son were taking photos of London transport a bit "abseits" from the tourist trail and two policemen forced them to delete the photos in the name of preventing terrorism.(1) Klaus is quite rightly pissed off and from his home in Vienna he said he won't be going back to London and added, "I've never had these experiences anywhere, never in the world, not even in Communist countries."(2) Well Klaus in China the Chinese authorities deleted two of my photos but then they were of a military base. Although my mate did tell me that he could see the photos of the base on 'google earth'. Christ, 'google street view' can watch you doing a crap! Of course, that is not the point and the point is that "they" can watch you doing a crap, they can monitor your telephone calls, your emails, they can, .... well, they can do what they want and in the meantime, the police have said that as far as they know there are no restrictions on photographing public transport in the capital.(3) Well, there we have it, it was just two policemen doing basically what they want. Still, it could be worse just ask Jean Charles de Menezes's family.(4) Time maybe to monitor the monitors.
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The picture shows "big brother" watching all the pretty girls go by

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