Friday, April 24, 2009

the pot calling the kettle black

There was me a couple of days ago, more or less, praising Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech in Geneva and, if I remember correctly, I was grateful to Erodgan for, some of the benefits that fell the Palestinians way after his flare up with Peres just down the road from Geneva, in Davos, a few weeks ago.(1) Now, I know that Erdogan denies Tukey's own little holocaust, namely, that perpetrated against the Armenians and I know that the Turkish government hardly handles their own ethnic minorities with kid gloves. Moreover, we all know that the Islamic regime in Teheran is, ....well, isn't very "nice" and the evidence would appear to suggest that in Iran, bloggers, prostitutes and quite a few others sometimes end up in prison and, indeed, sometimes dead. Therefore, are the Turkish and Iranian presidents really people we should be listening to? Well, normally not. However, what did Erdogan and Ahmadinejad actually say? Well, Erdogan got "upset" because the Israelis were killing men, women and children indiscrimently in Gaza and Ahmadinejad said that Israel is built on someone else's land, and that .... well, among other things, that they had just ben on a killing spree in Gaza. Now, both Ahmadinejad and Erdogan are political creatures of the machiavellien sort and I really doubt as to whether they are very nice people and, indeed, I really doubt that they are too concerned one way or another about the Palestinians. Nevertheless, while it is all a bit like the pot calling the kettle black, or a bit like a murderer calling someone else a murderer, surely what should also interest us is, is the kettle really black and is the person who is being called a murderer a murderer?

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