Saturday, April 25, 2009

A couple of light years from Munich

Outside the streets of Munich are looking their usual scrubbed selves, the sun has it's hat on and we are basking in 25 degrees, the streets are littered with little tables and the beautiful sun worshipers are interrupting the supping of their "lattes" only to smile with their pearly white teeth, the recession is a million miles away and Central Africa a couple of light years, and there was me stumbling on an article in 'Congo Watch' by an independent journalist, an American, called Keith Harmon Snow. His prose are good and would deserve a place on any of the tables in front of the 'Caffe Deli' window. Perhaps, not next to the copy of Klaus Mann's 'Mephisto' that I can see out of the corner of my eye but most definitely next to the 'süddeutsche Zeitung' as a better written, more honest alternative, to a newspaper that has not only seen it's circulation figures plummet in the last few years.
Keith Harmon Snow has not been corrupted by a mainstream media that has almost completely fallen under the sway of the big cooperations and he writes; "Many years ago, George Orwell had warned against the dangers of propaganda, or what he called "New Speak." We hear New Speak every day; where everything is turned upside down, killers are praised, while innocents are marched off to shallow graves in the forests. New Speak celebrates murderers as heroes and denounces victims."(1) Harman Snow's point of reference is Africa and if we want to begin to guage the size of the problem he is talking about we should go to his own web site, 'All Things Pass'.(2) Essential reading if you want to know about the hidden agendas of the western media and about "Uncle Sam's" greed for the mineral wealth of the region. There you will meet the master "new speaker" Uganda's Yoweri Museveni, a man who has "single-handedly, with the assistance of U.K. and U.S. financing and military hardware, caused the deaths of more than eight million Africans --half a million or more in Uganda; one million in Rwanda; seven million in Congo."(3) A man who, along with "Uncle Sam's" other side-kick, Paul Kagame, is ensuring that the suffering does not stop.
Outside the sun has got its hat on, the beautiful people smile through their pearly white teeth and it suddenly dawns on me that the genoicide in Central and East Africa is light years away from them because of the trivia trashy journalism which they expose themselves to, a journalism which is light years away from the man who writes in his own website, "I want to tell the world this story... because I cannot get it into the mainstream "news" and the photos will not be shown there... I want you to know about the western interests behind this war, about the huge deceptions of it, about the hidden agendas of the National Geographic and the New York Times...about George Bush and Bill Clinton and their connections to mining operations in Congo."(4) Finally, I am reminded of the Palestinian who showed me the keys from the house that his family had to leave during the "Nakba" in 1948 and saying to me, "tell everyone the truth" and there was me thinking, "Omar, even if people knew the truth, they wouldn't be interested." Welcome to '1984'!
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4 ibid see 2
The map shows the political divisions on that other planet a couple of light years from Munich.

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