Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wall Street's puppet

The German pseudo-intellectual invariably thinks that if something cannot be understood, it must be good. Or how else can you explain Hegel's popularity? Sometimes, however, we really do make things more difficult to understand than they really are and sometimes things really are quite simple. There are not two conflicting moral arguments regarding the situation in Palestine; there is one moral argument and one immoral argument. It really is as simple as that. Similarly " the financial crisis", "the credit crisis", "the economic crisis", call it what you will, has left us all confused and very few of us really know what a sub-prime mortgage or a derivative is. However, what has actually happened, what is happening, really is crystal clear; the money has been concentrated in even fewer hands, the American government is acting as a big holding company and the ex-Wall Street bankers in the administration and the current mob at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and elsewhere, avail themselves of pay offs and access massive "bailouts" courtesy of their mates, and is it really as simple as that? Well, not quite and it is not only about these people lining their own pockets and as Mike Morgan, a registered investment adviser, says, "if you just look at Wall Street and where the money came from, you will realize that Barack Hussein Obama is nothing more than a puppet of Wall Street."(1) Morgan is, of course, referring to the money for those "bailouts", which see money, and power, concentrated in even fewer hands. That's right folks, not only do they steal your money, but they also run the show and you don't have to know what a derivative or a prime sub mortgage is to understand that much. Indeed, you don't even have to understand Hegel.

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