Sunday, April 5, 2009

The show must go on

Well, hasn't he done well? There he is, with house prices tumbling, unemployment and debt increasing, markets caving in, and the fat cat CEOs getting nice big fat pay offs back home, taking himself off to London, Strasburg, Baden-Baden and Prague and coming away with all sorts of "goodies". First of all, he got the Chinese, the Indians, the Russians, the Japanese, the Brazilians and the Koreans to give money to "his" financial institutions, the World Bank and the IMF, and then off he went and got a broader contribution from the Europeans to "Uncle Sam's" doomed imperial venture on the Hindukush and a commitment to taking prisoners, illegally imprisoned by the good old USA, who are in the process of being released from Guantanamo and there was me listening to the car radio and I am informed that he has managed to convince the Czech government of the need for an anti-missile shield on its soil to protect all of us from a possible nuclear attack from .... from who? Iran, I think! What codswallop!
Of course, what it all means is that an increased commitment from the Europeans to NATO and a radar shield controlled by the Americans in the centre of Europe has the Europeans very much in "big brother's" pocket and, before getting on the plane to Istanbul, the "hype" man has no problem in telling them that they should accept Turkey into the European Union. Yes, a good week for the "hype" man, which began with "Uncle Sam's" ostensible adversary China propping up the financial pillar of his empire and ended with his sychophants lending legitimacy and support to his illegal war in Afghanistan. One gets the feeling that despite house prices tumbling, unemployment and debt increasing, markets caving back home the "hype" man's roadshow has got the good old "US of A" firmly back on track.

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