Monday, April 6, 2009

Turkey in the European Union

The roadshow moved onto Turkey today and the "hype" man has given his backing to that country joining the EU and the next thing you know he will be supporting an application by Israel to join the Union. Well, at least Sarkozy got it right when he said, that, "it was not for America to determine whether Turkey should be admitted to the European Union."(1) Of course, a "watered down", grateful to "Uncle Sam", European Union is what America wants; the type of European Union that will allow the USA to set up its ridiculous missile shield in the middle of the continent, that will send its sons without a whimper to die on foreign fields for a lost "American" cause; a European Union that will be easy to divide and rule and, no doubt, in a few years time we could very well have praise from across the Atlantic for a "new" Europe,which will include, among others, Turkey, Israel, Georgia and the Ukraine and disdain for that "old" Europe, which is epitomised by France and Germany. Of course, there is no historical inevitability and for the time being, Sarkozy and Merkel, who are only willing to offer the Turks a "privileged partnership",(2) continue to offer us the hope that the Union might still be able to determine its own destiny and wouldn't be nice if one of them were to go to Mexico and tell the Mexicans that they have a common culture with the United States and are entitled to join that other union, the one across the Rio Grande? Of course, the way the American economy is going, it is hardly likely that they would want to.

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