Sunday, April 26, 2009

This is so absurd

Picked the following up at 'Y Net News'; "Regarding Israel's borders, Netanyahu says he plans on keeping 50% of the West Bank, including the Jordan Valley." He then went on to say, "Among other things his government is demanding control of the Palestinian state's airspace as well as its border crossings, and the power to limit its relations with countries such as Iran."(1) This is so absurd, these are illegally occupied territories, you don't get to "keep" something that is not yours and if you do keep it, it is called "theft" and this is what UN Security Council Resolution 242 is saying; "Israel's continued presence in the area occupied since 1967 is illegal." Indeed, the General Council of the United Nations Resolution 194, which is renewed every year in the General Assembly goes further and demands that the Palestinians have a right of return to the homes that the lost during the 'Nakba' or they have a right to commensurate compenstation. Now, what do we have Netanyahu offering the Palestinians? Well, half of the 22% of what was originally Palestine, half of that 22% that the Zionists have been occupying since 1967. Of course, Netanyahu will even let the Palestinians call this 11%, of what was originally Palestine, "a state", providing, of course, that Israel can control that "state's" borders, its airspace and its foreign policy. Of course, once they get their "vichy Palestine" our Zionists can then have a field day making "their" little collection of Palestinian "Quislings" responsible for law and order in the new Palestinian state, while planning their next transfer of population, namely, that of the one and a half million Palestinians who hold Israeli citizenship to their brand new "state". If we are looking for historical parallels we would either be better conjuring up a "what if .....?" scenario - and just imagine the British had given the Irish County Cork in 1921 and then began to "ethnically cleanse" the rest of the island of anyone who held onto an Irish identity - or we might draw parallels with either the "bantustans" under apartheid or, indeed, the reservations that the white man hearded the red indians into.

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