Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bernd Posselt

Now, as far as I can remember, election posters in the United Kingdom don't normally include a visual representation of the local candidate. No, I am sure that is correct because it is always something that I find quite ridiculous in Germany. There you are driving along the road when, all of a sudden, you are distracted by some silly, slimy, smug, smirking face and you afford yourself a smile and a snigger and almost lose control of your car and I wonder why they have such an awful visual representation if they really want to attract votes. Anyway, today I was plodding through Schwabing, when I was confronted with a certain Bernd Posselt, a "Christliche-Soziale Union" (CSU) candidate for the Brussels parliament and, once again, I begun to chew the cud on why they would want all and sundry to actually see this guy's face and then it dawned on me that maybe he actually represents "das Volk", and maybe there a lot of potential voters out there who can identify with and relate to the image on the poster. Now, if that really is so, it would follow logically that Bernd Posselt provides a visual representation of a large section of the Bavarian electorate, or in other words, Bernd is a "waschechter Bayer" (a typical Bavarian) so, while we should never only think in terms of stereotypes, it might be worthwhile letting all of you see what a typical Bavarian looks like and I can only plead in Munich's favour that the majority of the people in that wonderful city don't look like Bernd and, indeed, most of them are either atypical Bavarians or they are not even from Bavaria. Still, I am sure there will be enough "clones" to ensure that the Belgian capital gets to see Bernd on tour.
The photo shows Bernd Posselt who will soon be sitting in the Brussels parliament for the CSU.

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