Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Tel Aviv Terrorist

"Good is bad", "bad is good", "2 + 2 = 5" and our "newspeakers" down Zionistan way appear to have shot themselves in the foot today with the 'Jerusalem Post' reporting that the stabbing of an IDF soldier was apparently a "terrorist attack". The stabbed soldier has been treated for a stab wound to his neck under his ear and is fully conscious.(1) Have I understood this correctly; the stabbed soldier is the victim of terrorism while the settlers continue to maraud, maim and murder with impunity? Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of victims of the IDF. Still, the "newspeakers" drivel is par for the course and nothing new here, but how did they know that he was attacked by a terrorist? Well, our "newspeakers" appear to shoot themselves in the foot when they corroborate their nonsense with a statement to the effect that the "terrorist" who fled had "a Middle Eastern complexion".(2) Well, what a surprise, here we have a man with a Middle Eastern complexion, in the Middle East of all places. Might that not imply that he is native to the area? Well, normally yes but not in this part of the Middle East, which the "newspeakers" are already telling us, isn't really the Middle East.

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