Monday, May 18, 2009

The Iron Cage

Obama is talking to Netanyahu; the "hype" fellow is supposedly pushing a "two state solution", but then we know all about his hype, while Bibi steers clear of endorsing a two state solution offering instead to allow the Palestinians to govern themselves, while for the first time in thirty years Israel announces the building of an entirely new settlement on Palestinian land, occupied land, land, which Israel has no right to be on,(1) and in the meantime, the Israelis continue to expand the settlements that they already have in the West Bank and their destruction of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem continues unabated . This really is an absurd sick joke! Netanyahu's, ""We don't want to govern the Palestinians. We want them to govern themselves,"(2), while Israel controls the borders, airspace, and commerce, of the collection of "self-governing" "Bantustans", is like asking a man to be his own jailer and I can only recommend Rashid Khalidi's, 'The Iron Cage'.

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