Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Israel to attack Iran by next summer

AIPAC, Israel and the US Media are all trying to push America to confront Iran. There is enough evidence to suggest that "Uncle Sam" is already on board, was always on board and never had any intention of not being on board. Therefore, what do we have? We have a nonsensical farce where Bibi vistis the "hype" man and, according to the 'New York Times', while, they "stressed common goals and played down their differences on strategy, it seemed clear that they still do not agree even on the basic question of how much time remains to stop Iran from gaining a nuclear weapons capability."(1) In the meantime, the continued occupation of the West Bank, the extension of the settlements and the not offering the Palestinians very much accept the key to a prison rather than a key to their lost homes, will continue and ..... and well, it will all be about Iran, won't it? And when Israel finally does try to go for the jugular, our "hype" man will just say, "well, we did try and we did wait, but ..... and now we will just have to protect our ally whose very existence is being threatened." So, there we have it and my little scenario; with Brigadier General Michael Herzog, the chief of staff to Israel’s minister of defense, saying, “Under a certain scenario, if the Iranians decide to speed ahead, they can have a first device by the end of 2010, perhaps the beginning of 2011, and that’s not very far away”,(2) we can expect Israel to attack Iran during the summer of next year, after repeated expressions of frustration at Iran from our "hype" man, we can then expect our "hype" man to come away with the usual disgusting drivel about how they did give Iran a chance, and, in the meantime, the building of the new settlement and the expansion of the old ones will have continued unabated and the Palestinians will be as far as they ever were from statehood and nobody really does talk about the nuclear weapons that Israel deceived Kennedy to get, but denies having and, having denied having them, they cannot be brought into the occassion, can they? Then they don't really have them, but they do! Yes, the drivel, the gobblydegook, the 'newspeak', the nonsense, the dead metaphors, don't only facilitating the killing of innocents, they are sort of killing the English language.
1 http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/20/us/politics/19web-sanger.html?_r=1&hp
2 ibid

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