Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obama warns Netanyahu

The news is that Obama has warned Israel against attacking Iran.(1) Of course, what we now have are the zany Zionists going seriously silly, screaming their little heads off and shouting out stuff like, "how dare the United States tell us what to do", "we don't need the United States anyway", and "what has America, ever done to help us", etc. etc. The indignation, real or otherwise, should not be taken too seriously and neither should Obama's warning. On the contrary, here is a "wonderful" scenario for you all to think about; the "hype" man is saying if Israel attacks Iran, it will be against the United States wishes." Israel then attacks Iran, Iran retaliates, .... and the United States? Well, no doubt, the US will then sell itself as the honest broker who never wanted this to happen, but now it has Iran better just swallow it, or else!

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