Friday, May 15, 2009

The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy

It is interesting sometimes when you read little books on things that you normally pick up on in the 'daily drivel', that calls itself journalism. Because the book, you see, brings the argument to a different level, and if it is to be refuted, well, it should be refuted academically if the denial is to mean anything. Unless, of course, the book is utter shit but then if it is utter shit, nobody buys it because they can read that sort of stuff every day in the newspapers.
Today I started reading 'The Israel lobby and US foreign policy' by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M.Walt and there they are lots of little sentences with little numbers after them to quote the source. Irrefutable stuff and, after receiving a démarche from Kennedy July 1963, demanding that Israel permit inspectors to Israel's nuclear facility at Dimona,Levi Eshkol, Ben Gurion's successor, told his colleagues: "What am I frightened of? His man will come, and he will actually be told that he can visit (the Dimona site) and go anywhere he wishes, but when he wants a door opened at some place or another then (Emanue) Prat (head of construction at Dimona) will tell him "Not that."(1) It is common knowledge that Israel now has chemical and biogical weapons and some two hundred nuclear warheads. It is common knowledge that Washingtons supports a country that has illegal WMD and that has given its neighbours at least an incentive to seek such weapons for themselves. What fucking hypocrites!
These little numbers after the sentences are important because when they are there we are being told that this is more than someone's opinion, we are being told that this is information, which has a source and if it is to be refuted proof is required that that source either doesn't exist or that there is a better source, which tells us something else.Down in 'Zionistan' they have never deemed it necessary to deny their nuclear capacity, to deny the fact that they have illegal biological weapons and that is because the "rules" don't apply to them. Of course, for our zany Zionists it is good that those "rules" don't apply. After all, they would be in a bit of a pickle if they did!
1 John J.Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt, 'The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy', pp 35-38

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