Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why do we listen to these people?

The pictures are not going to be revealed, the people who committed the torture are not going to be prosecuted, Guantanamo is not going to be closed and more troops are being sent to Afghanistan where they will continue to kill countless innocent men, women and children and still we listen to the drivel or do we just turn a deaf air now to the "hype" man, or did we ever listen to the crap?
In the meantime Netanyahu is about to tell Obama that Iran's nuclear programme is threatening another holocaust. Netanyahu could invite inspectors into Israel's own nuclear facility at Dimona, but then that would be a bit pointless as we already know what is there. Of course, he could promise that Israel will scrap its nuclear weapons in return for Iran abandoning its nuclear programme. That is not going to happen and we can expect lots, and lots of drivel when Bibi and the "hype" man meet.

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