Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Law

It would appear that while the United States of America tends to ignore international law when it comes to its machiavellian "Realpolitik", the courts at home at least give the outward appearance of accepting international law. This is evidenced by an article from the 'Jerusalem Post', which I first noticed on Norman Finkelstein's website; the article states that "Parents of a Jerusalem-born American boy who want “Israel” listed as their son’s country of birth on his American passport have been dealt another blow with the dismissal of their case by a US court of appeals." The US Courts of Appeal in Washington agreeing that the final status of Jerusalem has not been decided and that "US passports for those born in Jerusalem do not list a country because doing so would interfere with and pre-judge Israeli-Palestinian negotiations." The decision would appear to be in line with a similar decision made in Canada when the Canadian citizen Eliyahu Veffer's effort to have Jerusalem Israel listed as his place of birth on his Canadian passport was refused. The very upset young man then stated in an affidavit that his religion informs him that Jerusalem is the Israeli capital. Well, there is, of course, a solution and that might be for them to give up their American and Canadian passports and join the rest of their "friends" in that "little" Zionist undertaking that is Israel. Of course, it might be pointed out to them that should they ever indulge in their "god given" luxury of moving to a country that six million Palestinians in the diaspora cannot return to then, despite what they and their Zionist fellow travellers might think to the contrary, Jerusalem will still not be in Israel. At least not as far as international law, including US and Canadian law, are concerned and this in spite of what their religion tells them.

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