Saturday, August 8, 2009


Jon Snow, not really part of my exophoric reference, he's not; heard of him before but it is only after picking up and indulging in a copy of his 'Shooting History', which I purchased in that lovely little chaotic island of books, Voltaire & Roussea, in Glasgow's Otago Lane, that I have made any real acquaintaince with him. Anyway, there was me googling Jon and discovering an interesting little article, from 2006, where Jon complains that "the pressure on news-readers to wear the Remembrance Day emblem was "poppy facism". Nice one Jon and remember that the "poppy campaign" is part of a fund that is named after a certain Field Marshal Haig who, along with his staff, lived a life of luxury far behind the frontlines, while British soldiers were living and dying in rat infested trenches. Indeed, Dr Niall Ferguson, tutor in Modern History at Jesus College, Oxford, sums up the role of the number one "poppy fascist" in the carnage that was WWI when he says, "There is nothing heroic about what Haig did -the heroes were the badly trained Tommies who carried out what were at times completely deranged orders." Yes, indeed and we would not be wholly wrong to suppose that the forces behind "poppy fascism" today are of the Haig ilk and that they are those who today sit on their fat arses while young working class boys are once again being slaughtered on foreign fields and what they do to distract you from their crimes is they get you involved in their "all inclusive" communities and if you don't get involved, you are not for them, you are against "them". Of course, it is not a method that is unique to the "poppy fascists" and you will find it in Hitler's "Wer nicht für uns ist, ist gegen uns", it is a "Weltanschuung" that "Uncle Sam" invariably adopts and you will find it in a Zionist ideology that is quick to brand any Jew who criticises Israel as a "self hating Jew". Yes it is not unique to Britain but it is of course poppycock.

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