Monday, September 14, 2009

Bibi, bubbles and begging boys

Back to the secure server and the 'Electronic Intifada' tells me that the "real issue" with the Sheba Farms "is water". No surprises there and our Zionist "friends" won't be happy until they get back up to the Litani. Meanwhile, 'Haaretz' informs me that "Bibi" has said "that there will not be a complete freeze on settlement building and that building in Jerusalem will proceed as usual." The rest of the world doesn't seem to give a "monkey's" but then down here in Addis the planet's collective myopia, on almost all things, is obviously par for the course.

Blog is still blocked but "boo-hoo" and if I thought I had problems! Almost all is available in Addis but, of course, not for all; the burger for a bundle of birr was biten down in Bole but it was a bit of a bane being confronted by little boys sort of boisterously begging for just a little bit of what the burger cost. However, first world bubbles abound and it is in one bubble or another that I am invariably to be found and as the job approaches its end there is the holiday in the north of the country and the ultimate trip back home to look forward to and, with the International Crisis Group reporting that "unless the Ethiopian government creates more political space for opposition parties to organize and campaign in preparation for the summer, 2010 elections, there is increasing likelihood of a repeat of the 2005 post-election violence", the return should not be delayed for too long.

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