Thursday, September 24, 2009

More hype and hypocrisy

A pleasant surprise on arriving back in Addis after my short trip to Bahir Dar and Gondor and lo and behold, I can access my blog. Not only that after a couple of days without internet or satellite television I now find myself with a good wireless connection and BBC World in the background keeping me up to date with the daily drivel.

The hype fellow has enlisted the help of the UN to have his little go at Iran and North Korea and wouldn't be nice to see a more independent UN not only demanding that Tehran and Pyongyang to scrap their weapon's programmes but also insisting that the hypocrites start to scrap theirs. Of course, we have the absurd promise that the United States and Russia will cut down on their ridiculous arsenals, a fraction of which they can only use before all life ceases on the planet.

The point is that nobody should seriously be considering using any of those weapons aand that all an "Iran bomb" or "North Korean bomb" would do is upset their own regional balances. Meaning, of course, that the Zionist bully boys in particular will no longer be able to be quite the bully boy that they are at the moment.

Certainly, a world without nuclear weapons is what we all want. However, we should not be fooled by our hype man. This is not about creating a world without nuclear weapons, this is about making sure that they remain exclusive to those who already have them and although this might indeed mean that the world will be slightly safer, it does not detract from the abomindable drivel that Washington continues to spout. For my part, I would be content with a tentative beginning and a move away from the hype and hypocrisy and let us start not by sending the inspectors over to America but to Israel and its facility in Dimona.

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