Thursday, September 24, 2009

The farce continues

At a recently televised forum in Venezuala Naom Chomsky said that "the growing disappointment with the Obama administration in the U.S. was predictable because the corporate media marketed Obama's presidential candidacy on the slogan of "Change We Can Believe In" but omitted concrete proposals for effective changes, and the Obama administration has since shown an incapacity to institute such changes."

Of course, "incapacity" is not quite the right word here as it almost suggests that there was an intention to institute changes in the first place and the evidence would seem to suggest that John Pilger's appraisal of Obama back in January 2008 when he wrote, "Barack Obama is a glossy Uncle Tom who would bomb Pakistan," is more apprioprate as our hype fellow is, indeed, setting about the business of bombing Pakistan.

However, the farce continues and if we were forced to cringe at the hype man's hypocritical speech to the UN, wasn't Bibi the icing on the cake? There he was digging deep into his bag of tricks; we had the holocaust card and a direct link to Iran, we had the disgusting drivel about some sort of self defence mission in Gaza when we all know that men, women and children were indiscriminately massacred and because we all know it, we had Bibi condemning the UN for pointing it out, and we had, of course, the zany Zionist interpretation of history and a vision of a possible Palestinian "state", which would closely resemblence the autonomy granted to Geronimo and the Apaches after they had surrendered to the US government. Still, Bibi never pretended to be a black man, did he?

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