Thursday, October 22, 2009

400,000 former Anglicans seek immediate unity with Rome

The history of the Anglican church has been heavily influenced by that pragmatism, at times of a machiavellien nature, that has come to be seen as an English trait. Indeed, while the Lutheran and Calvinist theologies offered a revolutionary departure from the Roman Church, and the accompanying radical changes in society, Henry VIII was just kicking out the pope, robbing the monastries and divorcing at a whim. In England, at least, Henry was to be God's representative on earth.

A church, therefore, that had its roots in a pragmatism that was the trait of an autocratic monarch, was to be pragmatic when it came to adapting to changing times and, lo and behold, it was, at least partly, to become a church where women can be priests, priests can be homosexual and homosexuals can get married. Yes, the times they are a changing, at least for some.

Here, there is not room to discuss the difference between the "High Church", or Anglo-Catholicism, and the "Low Church", suffice to say that the difference today is between those members of the Anglican community who, on questions of dogma and, more especially, or ritual, would find themselves closer to Rome than the Archbishop of Canterbury and now the 'Times' reports that;
"Leaders of more than 400,000 Anglicans who quit over women priests are to seek immediate unity with Rome under the apostolic constitution announced by Pope Benedict XVI. They will be among the first to take up an option allowing Anglicans to join an “ordinariate” that brings them into full communion with Roman Catholics while retaining elements of their Anglican identity"

Well a logical move indeed and who needs a liberal church, which wants to accomodate women and homosexual priests? We don't, for what we have here are a group of people who are already modern enough to grapple with concepts such as equality, freedom and democracy, and, who knows, we might soon have a few lesbians in the "Low Church" who proclaim that God was a carpet muncher or a few homosexuals who might proclaim Jesus gay. Indeed, they might even get really wise and say things like, "virgin birth my arse", or, "of course, people don't walk on water and it is not meant to be taken literally."

No, it is only logical that the deluded, indeed, quite mad, "High Church" Anglicans find their "Geistigeheimat" in Rome. There they can join their fellows in following the great gobbledegook; homosexuality and abortion, yes, even condoms, are sins, God wasn't a man but by God he was manly, Jesus walked on water, he rose from the dead, he ignored the law of diminishing returns and distributed bread and fish until the cows came home. Yes, he was a real miracle man and, in the meantime, we, athiests and agnostics can hope, that the rest of the Anglican Church disintigrates and the members of that Church join either the community of non-believers or find their own way to some higher spirituality through their own little revelation and, hopefully, one morning "modern man" will just wake up and smirk when he reads statements like that from, Vittorio Messori, who said, "More Muslims go to the mosques in London than Anglicans go to church.” He will smirk and think, "who cares, you are all full of shit", and, while you can attend your gobbledegook churches, mosques and synagogues, we will just have to ensure that that gobbledegook stays behind the walls of those institutions. In the meantime, our "High Church"Anglicans are going to discover that God might not even speak English.

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