Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Newspeak from the Israeli ambassador to Washington

It is a crispy cold, but not too cold, day in Munich, the sun is shining, it is one of those days when a stroll in the park, a sitting outside with a warm jacket on, a walk down to and around the "Auer Dult", is required. Yet, here is me trapped inside 'Starbucks', accross from, but out of sight, of the "Theatinerkirche". Inside they have a wireless internet connection and I wanted to check my mail and all of a sudden I was reading 'Al Jazeera' and what about this for a headline in light of the my earlier post ? 'Israel-US settlements deal "close"'!

Michael Oren, the Israeli ambassador to Washington, has told 'Al Jazeera' that "the US had agreed with Israel to a temporary halt to settlement building activity in the Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem, rather than a total freeze." Well, nice to see them working out their strategy to dispossess the Palestinians and doesn't the rest of the world, not to mention the Palestinians themselves, have something to say about this? Well, obviously not, or at least they are hardly going to be heard, however, for good measure, Mr Oren makes the Zionist position clear, when he says, "The agreement was a time-limited halt - or a pause, if you will - to the settlement construction, that would allow for a certain amount of what we would call 'certain life growth' in the territories." "What "you" would call certain life growth in the territories, Mr Oren, is illegal construction in occupied territories. They are not "territories", they are not "disputed territories" they are occupied territories, Palestinian land, you have no right to be there and, not that it will interest you, but your gobblydegook nonsensical newspeak actually offends good taste on a crispy cold, but not too cold, day in Munich.

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