Monday, October 19, 2009

They are all in it together

You know, the problem is that they really don't get it; as thick as pigshit you might say! The German 'Süddeutsche Zeitung' informed me today that Israel is in the process of starting a PR offensive against the Goldstone report.

There we have them, like spoilt children, crying and whining, "you are being unfair, we are really the good guys, honest, honest, honest" and Bibi gets what the 'Süddeutsche' refers to as "unexpected help' from Livni, who proclaims that the "UN has always been unfair to Israel and that Israel will ignore the report". "Unexpected help" and does the 'Süddeutsche' want us to believe that there is some sort of real opposition in Israel, that there is going to be a difference of opinion between oppostion and government on something like this? Indeed, Livni has to be grateful to Bibi after all he is going to protect her and the other war criminals. No, they are all in the zionist boat together and they really don't get it; thick as pigshit you might say!

However, thick as pigshit, they are not and on monday Bibi told members of his Likud party, "It's going to the UN," "We'll make sure it gets vetoed."No, they are not as thick as pigshit, they know what they are doing and although the evidence is all there, although they were caught red handed, there they are crying and whining; "we were only defending ourselves", "we didn't mean to kill so many women and children*, "you will spoil the peace process if you endorse this report". Not only are these people murderers, they are also a bunch of deluded, whining and moaning hypocrites and they are all in it together; intractable, juvenile, stubborn, irresponsible and hypocritical. One wonders if there is a remedy for this bunch. Wakey, wakey, the occupation is illegal, the blockade of Gaza is illegal, it is a war crime to shoot women and children at point blank range.

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