Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The man with the inevitable grin to accompany his disgusting spin

This is a man, who we all thought was fab, here was a socialist with the gift of the gab, always a smile, encased in his grin, we were all seduced by his beguiling spin. However, now it is blatantly obvious that because he lied hundreds of thousands, maybe millions have died.

Today, he took himself down to Hebron. in his capacity as Middle East envoy and bodyguards had to tackle a Palestinian man as he approached him shouting that he was a terrorist. Still, there he was, the man who supported the Israelis when they were killing innocents in the Lebanon and the man who refuses to criticise them after they have slaughtered hundreds more innocents in Gaza, a pacifying wave and then the grin but what about this for audacity and here comes the spin: "Most Palestinians and Israelis want the conflict "resolved in a peaceful way", he said. They understand "it's not going to be resolved unless we find a way of creating two states, a state of Israel and a state of Palestine side by side in peace." "Frankly it's not protests that will do that. It's patient negotiation," Blair told reporters. "Patient negotiations" when illegal settlements, against which he has said nothing, are still being built, when the illegal occupation of the West Bank and the illegal blockade of Gaza continue unabated and when, at a whim Israel kills civilians. What on earth is this guy talking about?

This is a man who knows how lie but don't listen too closely or people will die, it isn't a joke, it really isn't funny, this is someone who loves power and money. "Joe Soap" back in 'Blighty' woud call him a tit and it is out on the street that he's a real hypocrite. Tony Blair, liar, mass murderer and hypocrite.

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