Friday, November 13, 2009

Brown's new man in Westminster

Wasn't it nice watching the locals in Glasgow north east heckle the BNP man, Ballie? Unfortunately, when it came to the election itself he was hardly given short shrift, coming fourth with 4.92% of the the total votes cast. A grand total of 1,013 to be precise, or 62 votes less than the local Tory. Still with only some 33% of the electorate going to the polls, I wouldn't worry too much about the rise of fascism in Glasgow. Or, should I?

No, the BNP is not a problem but I am left asking myself the question what about the 67% who didn't vote? Well, if nothing else because they didn't vote, it meant that they didn't vote Labour and that would suggest that a lot of them just don't want Labour. Unfortunately, their not voting allowed the Labour candidate, Willie Bain, to win a landside victory in taking almost 60% of the votes cast. So, they didn't vote and what happened? Well, they strengthened a Labour Party in London that has long since ceased to represent the interests of the working class, a Labour Party whose imperialist adventures even a BNP government would be proud of. Oh, and they got Willie Bain, a local boy, as their MP, a law lecturer who still he stays with his parents in a fourteen storey tower block when not working three days a week in London. Thirty six and still stays with his parents, this man is at least as weird as Charlie Baillie.

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