Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mad Jack

That is alright "Jack" you should have told us sooner and we wouldn't have had to arrest you. Anyway there he was, Yaakov (Jack) Teitel with two murders, three attempted murders and other acts of violence, under his belt, telling a Jerusalem courthouse on Thursday that "It was a pleasure and an honor to serve my God," I have no regret and no doubt that God is pleased."

Well, if some IDF soldiers are to be believed "Jack" might not be the misfit loaner that the Zionist press would like potray him as and as early as mid-February this year one particular soldier told a forum of army veterans that, before the IDF went on its killing spree in Gaza, soldiers were provided with literature by the army's rabbinate, which "had a clear message - we are the people of Israel, we came by a miracle to the land of Israel, God returned us to the land, now we need to struggle to get rid of the gentiles that are interfering with our conquest of the land." Hey, is that, or something similar, not what "Jack" thinks?

Meethinks, "Jack" should have got himself a few buddies to go on his murdering spree with, they should have then told the courts that they were doing it for Israel, got a little bit of media backing on the issue and they would all been out of jail after serving six months of a two year service. Sorry, "Jack" but religion is not an individual delusion, it is a mass delusion.

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