Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Freeze" on Construction and the Noble Peace Prize

Israeli officials have stated that the decision to construct a further 84 illegal buildings, in the West Bank, they join some 2,500 housing units that already been excluded, is not an attempt to appease those settlers, who are angry because of 10-month freeze on new building in the territories and back in Washington Barack Obama decides to escalate the war in Afghanistan and the journalist, Simon Jenkins, says that "Obama has no stomach for a fight."

The idiom we might accept even although the hype man himself will be doing as little actual fighting as Galtieri and Thatcher did back in 1982 when about a thousand young men died so that they could save their faces. No, idioms enrich language and although I would even have to agree with Mr Jenkins when he says, that the taliban "will simply wait, controlling the country areas and killing Nato patrols with sufficient regularity to keep western public opinion demoralised" and that the hardest part will be exiting with dignity. However, could someone please tell me how someone can win the 'Noble Peace Prize' and escalate a war and how is it possible to "freeze" construction and build houses at the same time?

"War is Peace", "continuing is stopping" and we are living in dangerous times where worn, dying or dead metaphors, verbal false limbs and pretentious diction is carried at the speed of light and eased into unsuspecting brains that have long since been manipulated to consent to the gobblydegook, newspeak world that we inhabit. People will die because of the man of "peace", while illegal building in illegally occupied territories will be refered to, for the time being, as a "freeze on construction in Judea and Samaria."

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