Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The war is to escalate

Well, there was Obama knocking down one myth after the other and telling everyone who wasn't in the process of yawning and falling asleep that there are no parallels with Vietnam, because the war is not a broad based popular insurgency because the taliban don't have the necessary support and, "unlike Vietnam, the US was attacked from Afghanistan and "remains a target for those same extremists plotting along its border".

What piffle, what drivel, what utter nonsense; firstly, the taliban are popular with sectors of the Pashtu population and with civilian casualties in this war increasing every day and with those casualties about to increase even more with Obama's escalation of the war, this support is going to increase. Moreover, have you ever heard of an Afghani blowing himself or herself up outside Afghanistan? Oh, right I get it, the myserious Bin Laden was in Afghanistan when 9/11 took place and it was he who planned the whole thing. What utter rubbish and, apart from anything else, we have yet to see Bin Laden appear in court. Oh, but you cannot find him; how convenient! Furthermore, could someone please explain why 'al-Qaida' needs Afghanistan to plan an attack?

Please, no more illusions about what is happening here. This is a war to secure "Uncle Sam's" geopolitical interests and it is a war that is going to cost even more taxpayer's dollars and even more dead before leaving an Afghanistan National Army to defend itself and it is now the parallels with Vietnam might begin to appear if it weren't for one suspecting that this time it will be more like the Soviet withdrawal in 1989 and that the last GI,  "Tommy", "Canuck" and "Gefreiter" will have long left before Kabul collapses.

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