Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Democratic Republic of the Congo and a genuinely inhuman crime

 In a sense this is a follow up to my post 'inhuman', where I criticised an Israeli diplomat using that adjective to describe the theft of the "Arbeit macht Frei" sign above the entrance gate to Auschwitz.

Jeremy Macadie gets around; today he is in Erbil as the British Consul General to the Kurdistan region in Iraq and we can only speculate as to the historical ties between the United Kingdom and Kurdistan that he will be concoting. Anything will do, no doubt, and back in 2006, when he was ambassador to Rwanda, there he was maintaining that "there are strong links between Britain and Rwanda, particularly through religion and economic partnership.” Well, if you want to spout off your pretext, cover up your real reasons, for being in a particular place send on the diplomats.

Tony Blair advises President Paul Kagame and, being Paul's consultant, it is only logical that he is going to hit the superlatives when it comes to praising "Blighty's" man in Kigali for his "visionary leadership" in implementing breathtaking political and economic reforms. Of course, it is only logical, after all not only does Tony advise his friend Paul on the political and economic matters, he also makes sure that Paul looks after the United Kingdom's and, of course, America's geopolitical interests not only in Rwanda itself but also in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo in particular and, along with Yoweri Museveni in Uganda, in the region generally.

Rwanda and Uganda are Britain's and America's allies. Indeed, they are  client states to US and British interest and receive both  financial and military aid from the UK, the United States, World Bank and other Western institutions. Under the guise of pursuing the perpetrators of the 1994 genocide, Kagame and Museveni plunder the Congo's resources, British and American companies are given contracts and wealth flows back to corporate American and Britain, the real backers of our hypocritical politicians. In the meantime, nobody in the West is really concerned that some six million have died in a genoicide that is even greater in its scale than those which took place in Dafur and Rwanda. Of course, Anglo-American political expendiency ensures that just the right amount, and appropriately biased, media coverage will ensure that we don't become too interested. The hypocrisy is sickening, the crime is inhuman.

Yes, genoicide denial receives most attention when it comes to those few powerless eccentrics who question the Nazi destruction of Jews and who in fact pose no real threat to any existing Jewish population and man's inhumanity to man becomes an issue only when it benefits the West's interests for it to do so. However, every day not only is genoicide being denied, covered up, not refered to by its proper name, it is also being perpetrated by America, Britain, Israel and their allies and today most of us are not too unlike those Germans who not only protested their innocence after 1945 but even had the audacity to say; "Wir haben es nichts gewusst."

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