Sunday, December 27, 2009

Israeli justice

'Al Jazeera' today reports that: "The Israeli military has said that the three men shot dead in Nablus were behind the killing of an Israeli settler on a West Bank road on Thursday.
It said a ballistic analysis showed that weapons found in the house of Anan Tzubach, one of the dead, were used to murder Meir Avshalom Hai, the settler."

Now, let me get this right; weapons found in one the house of one of those killed were used to murder Meir Avshalom Hai! And this provides sufficient evidence not, as you might suppose, to arrest that one man on suspicion of murder, but to execute three men. Of course, with the IDF confirming that none of the men fired any shots and that only one of them was armed, what we have in fact here is cold blooded murder and further evidence, if any evidence were needed, that Israel had no intention of arrested anyone for the murder and that nobody will ever be tried for the murder.

Of course not, then such a trial could be embarrassing; after all, we might have the suspect or suspects having their day in court and getting the opportunity to explain why they killed someone who is illegally occupying their land. No, suspects must be eliminated along with a few others who just happen to be in their vicinity.

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