Sunday, December 27, 2009

Getting the true picture of the so-called "conflict" into the mainstream media

While it is important that resistence to Israel exists on the ground, it is not that resistence that is going to define the Palestinian struggle for the time being. Therefore, while Palestinian Prime Minister of the de facto government in Gaza Ismail Haniye's declaration of victory over Israel after the massacre, which took place last year, might be motivated by political expediency it hardly reflects the reality. Moreover, his threat that any new intrusion into Gaza "will not be a picnic", is not going to have the IDF bullies trembling in their boots.

Yes, it is important that the resistence tells us that it is there. However, this is the kind of bravado that we could be doing without and if anything stops Israel re-entering Gaza in the near future then it is going to be international public opinion, which increasingly cannot fail to see or indeed ignore this so-called "conflict" for the one sided slaughter that it in fact is. Moreover, it is for Haniye and other Palestinian leaders to start using the media and instead of telling it that they are going to beat Israel in a military conflict it would be better for them to broadcast to all and sundry what in fact the Zionists are doing. That is to say, it is for them to at least facilitate getting the reality of Gaza and the West Bank, the reality of their struggle onto the front pages. It is time for us to attack the idea that there are two sides to this one sided "conflict" and to do that a concerted effort will be needed.

Doing this will not be easy but just as the invasion of Gaza, the reporting of that invasion and the 'Goldstone Report' demonstrated, the so-called "liberal" press was at least no longer prepared to, or indeed could, ignore the facts. It is this press that should be exploited to show the true picture of a conflict that began with an ethnic cleansing, continued with a racist state, moved onto a further occupation; an ethnic cleansing that has resulted in six million refugees, a racist state where the remaining Palestinians are third class citizens at best and an occupation that has led to thousands of dead men, women and children. It will not be easy but with people holding deeds for land that they cannot return to, with the illegal blockade of Gaza continuing unabated, with illegal settlements being built on illegally occupied land and with Palestinians, who are deprived of their basic human rights, being bullied and murdered it is time to make sure that positve reporting on the zionist state becomes as rare as positve reporting on the South African apartheheid regime.

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