Sunday, December 20, 2009

The man with the spin and the grin starts to whine

Straight from the horses mouth; Tony Blair tells all and sundry that "it is not true that no one likes him" and it is all the British press's fault and he ends his little "plaidoyer" saying, "What I am able to do in Rwanda now is more important than what I was able to do for Rwanda as prime minister. Ditto in Palestine."

Tony doesn't get it, he really doesn't and if he does anything for the Palestinians it is certainly lost on any thinking Palestinian. No, this is a man who time and time again has expressed support for the zionist state and, Tony, what about your "good work" in Rwanda? Well, if that good work is about supporting British interests and supporting Paul Kagame as he causes havoc in the region with his troops pillaging, murdering and raping at home and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, then yes Tony you are, indeed, doing "good work".

No Tony, you are bad news and this has nothing to do with a vendetta by the British media. You took the United Kingdom into two illegal wars when you were in office and now that you are out of it, you lick zionist arse in the Middle East, while spinning to all and sundry that you are impartial and in Africa you support a dictator whose stupidity in the first instance helped bring about the genocide committed by the Hutu on the Tutsi and who now himself is persectuting the Hutu instead of seeking some sort of real national reconciliation.

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