Tuesday, December 22, 2009


There was a group running around from the mid 80s until the mid 90s called 'Lloyd Cole and the Commotions'. Now, the group achieved a certain fame for a number of their records, but it is one particular ditty that I remember today and that is "Lost Weekend" and in particular the first verse of that song:
"It took a lost weekend in a hotel in amsterdam
and double pneumonia in a single room
and the sickest joke was the price of the medicine
are you laughing at me now may i please laugh along with you.

A lost weekend; well a lot of us have been there, haven't we? And the following morning there is the hangover and the, "where am i, who is that lying beside me, what have I been drinking, smoking, eating?"questions and on a particularly rough morning after the night before maybe even a;"Who am I?" Well, that was me this morning or almost and it was certainly me yesterday evening.

Yes, all thoughts of Bibi and his shennanigans, of "full spectrum dominance", of Blair and Brown and Bush and Cheney and Obama and of this, that and the next thing, were put on the shelf for a day, because "ego" was in hospital having his umbillical hernia sorted and having the metal plate from China taken out of his foot. There was the anesthetic and there was me falling into a deep, deep, sleep of the sort that leaves clouds around for, at least, 24 hours and lo and behold, wallah, abracadabra, just like that, when the clouds clear and you go back to www.anything.com there they are; Bibi is still playing his shennanigans, and "oh, they found the sign for above the gate at Auschwitz" but have still to find the inhuman perpetrators of the awful crime of theft and 'full spectrum dominance' is still in full swing.

Anyway, it is late now, the stomach is hurting just a little bit, so I will take myself off to bed and hope that when I wake up I will remember at least most of today for, while I am not too sure whether Llyod enjoyed his "lost weekend", I personally am not really a fan of amnesia and it is with that in mind that I am waiting for our spin and grin man, the one and only Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, when he appears before the' Chilcot Inquiry.' 

The picture shows the room where I spent last night; I think! And here is Llyod Cole who might not be the greatest but he is certainly a damn site better than Bibi or Tony:

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