Friday, December 25, 2009

Opposition, what opposition?

'Haaretz' reports: "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again asked opposition leader MK Tzipi Livni (Kadima) to join his coalition on Thursday - but said if she refused, he would do his best to split her party." 

"Opposition" and what opposition, or opposition to what, are we talking about here? If there were any real oppostion then Bibi wouldn't have been opposed to the warrant for her arrest in the UK. "Democratic Zionism" is almost as oxymoronic as "National Socialist". And the only difference between Tzipi and Livni? Well, apart from the obvious one, there is no difference, of course! 

Anyway, with Bibi threatening to split 'Kadima', reading between the lines on this one suggests that Tzipi is still humming and hawing but we might expect her to "compromise", after all that is what democrats do, isn't it? Of course, such a "radical" step will mean at least a temporary end to the fictitious opposition in the fictitious democracy and really, in a world that is governed by so much fiction, I am beginning to suspect that they actually believe in their own little charades.

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