Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The right of return is an inalienable and non-negotiable right

Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, tells Israel to end its "provocative actions" in East Jerusalem, while calling for it to freeze all settlement activity in the occupied West Bank and Bibi Netanyahu  appeases the settler's apparent "fears", by telling them that the "freeze" is only temporary and that construction will resume once the moratorium is over."

In the meantime, the EU is apparently talking about recognising East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state and some things just never change and Israel's existence is still conditional on it accepting the UN General Assembly Resolution 194 and the "the inalienable right of Palestinians to return to their homes and property from which they have been displaced and uprooted, and calls for their return." Oh Bibi, we are talking about those homes and property that they were forced off of in 1948 and Bibi, "inalienable" means that it is not negotiable and yet here you are, building illegal settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, forcing Palestinian families out of their homes.

Yet, the farce continues and we have, the war criminal, Tzipi Livni sending a letter to the Swedish Foreign Minster Carl Blidt (Sweden are pushing for the resolution) saying, that she has "deep concern regarding what appears to be an attempt to prejudge the outcome of issues reserved for final status negotiations." Hello, hello, Bibi, Tzipi, and all the rest of you deluded Zionists, wakey, wakey; "The right of return is an inalienable and non-negotiable right. Period." Indeed, I am not sure if even the Palestinians themselves can compromise on it and, as far as I know, "illegal" means, well it means illegal!

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Anonymous said...

Short, sharp and spot-on. Thanks. Just a point: the link to UN Resolution 194 doesn't seem to take me to the text of the resolution.