Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hope and hype and Pride and are we all being taken for a ride?

The new 'Entertainment Comfort Plus' gives me access to some English channels and there was me zapping through the channels and stumbling into the second half of 'Bob Roberts', starring Tim Robbins. Some thought that Roberts, the "conservative rebel", was based on a particular politician. However, Robbins himself says that the film is related to the system in general rather than any particular politician.

Not an outstanding film, it does, nevertheless, provoke thought, with Gore Vidal, who plays Robert's adversary in the fictitious senatorial race in Pennsylvania, the incumbent Democrat, Brickley Paiste, saying that Roberts is basically a front and that the country is secretely controled by the 'National Security Agency'. Well, we won't be going down that "conspiracy theory" path now as it is getting late and I want to watch Obama stopping all the speculation when he tells us exactly how many extra troops are going to be needed in Afghanistan to "win" the war.

Oh, interesting too was Bob's slogan during his campaign in Pennsylvania; "pride" and there was me watching the fictive messiah's disciples screaming off their little heads and shouting "pride, pride, pride" and there was my mind wandering back to Obama's campaign and what was it again? That's right, "hope". Anyway, got to go and it is time to see what hope the hype man is going to offer us tonight.


Anonymous said...

One thing to note: Obama is being consistent with his campaign promise: an extra 2 divisions of soldiers to Afghanistan. So let's not see any wailing and weeping now on the part of his Democrat voters. You chose him, he is delivering...

James Nelson said...

Don't know if the "Democrat voters" is a referece to me; but anyway, firstly, I am not American and, secondly, my opinion of Obama is, and always was, shared by people such as; Chomsky and Pilger (who being an Australian also couldn't vote). If could have participated in the farce that makes a mockery of everything that Thomas Jefferson stood for, I would probably have asked Chomsky before advice before deciding on what to do with my vote.
Apropos, "Afghanistan", nice little passage in the 'Guardian' today, with Obama saying:
"The US was attacked from Afghanistan and "remains a target for those same extremists plotting along its border"."
Do people actually believe this drivel or when did you last hear of an Afghanistan sucicide bomber outside of Afghanistan? Of course, if the reference is to Bin Laden having been in Afghanistan at the time of the bombing, do you actually think that he coordinated it from there. Moreover, strangely we have never had the mysterious Mr Bin Laden face a trial and we might begin to speculate why.
The reality is that this troop surge means an escalation of the war and that means more dead American and European boys and more dead Afghani civilians.