Saturday, December 5, 2009

Two Politicians: A Short Story

Merkel's thirty two year old "Familienministerin", Kristina Köhler, is a pretty young lady and she has got a degree in Sociology, but, I mean, you just have to look at her and you realise that Politics really doesn't have very much to do with ability. Nevertheless, she does look quite sweet and maybe, just maybe, somewhere in there, there is a brain and then you get to Bob Ainsworth, the British Defence Secretary and really, it doesn't get anymore ridiculous and if only half of the article in the 'Times' is true; well, it is just bloody offensive that this fool is even allowed to spout off his tuppence worth on Afghanistan.

Anyway, Bob is the product of a British comprehensive school and an ex-factory worker. Now there have been many politically aware horny-handed sons of toil, who left school, more or less unqualified before taking an auto-didactic route to political awareness. However, when you read that Bob's wife
gets upset because Bob reads too many military histories and watches too many war films and when you read of Bob spouting out run of the mill drivel such as:  “There are too many people who do not make the link: they think Afghanistan is too far away, that al-Qaeda have gone somewhere else." It becomes all too clear that this is not only not an academic, analytical mind, but that this is the mind of an idiot, a parrot, someone of, at the very best, a very crude half education.

Nevertheless, Kristina and Bob are not out of place in the world of politics. Indeed, they belong there and they are only indicative of a system that needs nonentities like them to represent its interests; gullible fools who pass on second hand drivel as if they were actually imparting some knowledge. Perhaps, it was never any different and the real personalities, the real politicians, the real brains, only make their appearance when it really all becomes just too silly and, while with Ms Köhler we have not quite reached the "too silly" stage, with Bob we are long since past it; what a fool! Anyway, I have decided to show Kristina's picture and not Bob's; Kristina at least has one admirer.

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