Friday, December 4, 2009

Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Uganda's proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill has been linked to a US Christian group that is led by the 'Saddleback Church's' senior pastor, Rick Warren. Rick is a man who supports those who burn condoms to fight the spread of AIDS in Africa and Obama it seems agrees at least a little bit with Rick because he choose him to lead the prayer at his inauguration and, one of my "favourite" Zionists, Bibi's "self-hating Jew", David Axelrod, tells me that the president finds Rick's work in Africa just hunky-dory or, at least, something like that.

In the meantime Rick has decided to distance himself from, Pastor Martin Ssempa, who, at least officially, is no longer his man in Africa. We can only wonder why Rick wants to distance himself from him. After all, it is Ssempa who is actively burning the condoms, who compares homosexuality to witchcraft and who enjoys close ties to Uganda's First Lady and wasn't Rick only recently supporting an intiative banning same-sex marriage in California while comparing homosexuality to pedophilia, incest and bestiality? Still, we shouldn't start to think that Rick is on the mend and his distancing himself from Ssempa in general terms, saying that Ugandan minister represents neither him nor his church, was kept in perspective by his refusing to condemn the new legislation in Uganda; a law that can apply the death penalty for the "crime" of homosexuality.

Of course, why shouldn't Obama have friends like Rick at home and, while Rick has his friends in Uganda, the hype man can continue to cultivate his friendship with that great statesman, Yoweri Museveni, and, who knows, when we become better informed through the mainstream media of Museveni's ethnic cleansing of the Acholi people in the north of Uganda, we might even have Obama distancing himself from Museveni not only general terms but also criticising ethnic cleansing per se. Now, that really would worry Bibi and his "self hating" Jew, David Axelrod!

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