Thursday, January 7, 2010

US urges world to help revive Mideast talks

Only a complete idiot would view America's role in Palestine as that of the "honest broker"; the United States is, of course, Israel's staunchest ally. Indeed, without Washington's support it is at least doubtful whether Israel would still be illegally occupying the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Thefore, today's report in 'Haaretz'; "US urges world to help revive Mideast talks" should be treated with the disdain that it deserves, when we read that the U.S. Middle East envoy, George Mitchel, is visiting Arab leaders in the region with letters of guarantee outlining Washington's postition, especially when we read what those letters are to contain. 'Haaretz' writes: "The letters are likely to contain gestures to both sides. For the Palestinians, that would include criticism of settlements and the belief that the borders that existed before the 1967 Arab-Israeli War be the basis of a future peace deal. For the Israelis, they would acknowledge that post-1967 demographic changes on the ground must be taken into account, meaning that Israel would be able to keep some settlements."

What are these people jabbering on about; "Israel would be able to keep some settlements."? The settlements are illegal under international law, it really is that simple and here is George accepting the fact that an Israeli "compromise" is based on one where the goal posts have, once again, been moved. Unfortunately, Egypt, Saudi and Jordan, might just be enticed to accept this "compromise" while we can only hope that in the Lebanon the Hezbollah can put sufficient pressure on Saad Hariri not to follow suit and that Syria sees betraying its Palestinian "brothers" as a price not worth paying for the return of the Golan Heights.

What, of course, really amazes one is that the United States can openly adopt a postion like this and even have the audacity to sell themselves as the "honest broker". Indeed, there is a good case for arguing that Washington's actively pursuing such a stance is a flagrant breach of international law. However, no surprises there and international law was never really applicable to either the United States or its Zionist allies and so back to the headline and when everything fails we can always blame the rest of the planet, after all the, US did urge the world to help revive Mideast talks. Is there no end to the chutzpah, the hypocricy, the audacity?

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