Friday, January 8, 2010

Obama accepting responsibility

Yesterday, we had the mainstream media maintaining that Obama was furious with the intelligence community for not picking up on Abdulmutallab and today we have Germany's 'Süddeutsche' reporting that Obama has now accepted full responsibility for the "system failing", saying that as president he has a holy duty to protect the nation and the American people.

The pseudo tantrums of a few hours ago are forgotten and now we have a man who is not afraid of responsibility. However, what responsibility are we talking about? Not, responsibility for the millions of dead innocents in America's imperial wars and there certainly won't be any personal consequences for the hype man's "system failing" and on he goes, our "responsible" hype man, using a rather dubious, doubtful, unclear, incident to establish a rather dubious, doubtful, unclear connection between an alleged bomber and a supposed international terrorist organisation.

Of course, as mentioned in an tuesday's post, what we have is a manufactured pretext to facilitate Washington pursuing its geopolitical strategey more actively and while civilians will suffer because of Obama's criminal subterfuge, we are told today that not only does our "big" Obama accept responsibility, but also that "he has also said he would not fire anyone for the attempted Christmas Day airline attack. Well, if he is "responsible" he might end up having to dismiss himself in this farcical circus. "Accepting full responsibility", what a hero, what a joke!

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