Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Does it get any sillier?

Time is not on my side today and with a translation with a deadline keeping me busy I was just about to ignore my "at least one post a day" promise to myself and then I caught a particular heading in 'Haaretz' and I thought ..... well, I thought it really can't get much sillier, can it?

The headline reads; "Abbas to US: negotiate with Israel on our behalf" and continues: "Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has proposed that the Obama administration negotiate the final borders of a Palestinian state with Israel, a Palestinian official said Wednesday, as a U.S. envoy headed to the region for another attempt to restart Mideast peace talks."

Of course, we might ask who the "our" is in the ".... on our behalf" and surely, surely, the Palestinian people will treat this with the contempt that it deserves. Sometimes, it really does appear that nobody gets it but let me tell you once again; the United States and Israel don't have seperate positions on Palestine, their interests in the region, at least, complement one another. Indeed, Mr Abbas what you might find if you allow the US to negotiate on "your" behalf is that you might even end up with a few less scraps than Israel was prepared to give you.

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