Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Peres speaks to the German Parliament

Talking to the "Bundestag" today, Peres said that "hunting down surviving Nazis was not an act of vengeance, but rather "an educational lesson" for today's youth." Of course, we might question why chasing a few men and women who are now upwards of 85 years for crimes that they committed from upwards of 65 years ago, might be a lesson for today's youth? That, however, is not what this is about.

It is, of course, about making sure that the Holocaust remains central in our collective consciousness, which will facilitate Israel, a state that has taken it upon itself to speak in the name of all those poor innocent who died in the Nazi death camps, using those innocents as an excuse to justify its own crimes against humanity. Crimes, which to be honest, should be much closer to our thoughts than the events of "yesteryear". After all, they are crimes that are happening now.

Unfortunately, in this crazy world, political capital will be squeezed out of every stone that is unturned and every effort that is made to stumble on a few octogenarians, the occassional nonogenarian and maybe even the one or two centanarians who happened to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time and yes, might even have committed wrong, over sixty five years ago. This is not news, this is not anything, this is a farce and in the meantime the Zionist state and Mr Peres commit crimes against the Palestinians on a daily basis.

There were a couple of other things in Peres's speech worth mentioning as he spoke of "Israel's desire to achieve peace with its neighbors and said that Israel supports a two-state solution with the Palestinians and is willing to give up land to achieve peace." Furthermore, we should ask ourselves, which land he is talking about? Is he talking about giving up "some" of the land that Israel is illegally occupying? And where is this Palestinian state going to be? And finally, there was, of course, Iran and there we had Peres saying  "we identify with the millions of Iranians who revolt against dictatorship and violence. Like them we reject a fanatic regime, which contradicts the United Nations Charter, a regime which threatens destruction, accompanied by nuclear plants and missiles and who activates terror in its country and in other countries. This regime is a danger to the entire world."

What about the Palestinians who are third class citizens of Israel and what about their right to demonstrate? Moreover, when Mr Peres is talking about "contradicting the UN Charter", is he the complete idiot or does he think we all are? What about Resolutions 194, 202 and 242, what about the illegal blockade of Gaza, what about the Goldstone Report and what about the nuclear facilities at Dimona.  Of course, the more you delve into this drivel, this gobblydegook, this absurd nonsense, the more you realise that going after those octogenarians, nonogenarians and centanarians isn't so mad after all and who knows we might even discover a supercentanarian, who can give the Zionists some tips on how to get away with their own crime of the century.Although, as things stand at the moment, the evidence would seem to suggest that they hardly need any tips.

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Karin said...

What can I say - agreed to every single argument!
"... willing to give up land" ... dass ich nicht lache!!!