Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tony going to "help" the Labour Party or going to jail?

The 'Guardian' told me this morning that: "Tony Blair will stage his first return to British political battle since stepping down as prime minister to campaign for Labour in the general election, according to his close ally Lord Mandelson." Well, that should be enough to usher in the "Cameron years" and when we think of the "democratic" choice that they have in 'Blighty' when it comes to picking the leader of the UK, we can only cringe and there was my wee mind drifting back to Michael Foot, the donkey jacket, the wreath and the Centopath and the if not "good old days", then certainly the "slightly better old days".

However, I am drifting so back to Tony and then onto another scenario which the 'Independent' gives some support to today, with its report that, Sir Michael Wood, the chief legal officer at the FO when the decision was made, or rather made public, to go to war with Iraq, said that there are declassified documents to prove that he warned Jack Straw time and time again that military action would be unlawful and that this was the only instance during his thirty years at the FO that his legal advice had not been accepted. Oh, and Tony, Jack and their accessories to the crime were telling us that Elizabeth Wilmurst was an exception and that her views were not shared by other Whitehall lawyers. And the other scenario?

Well Lord Mandelson's little strategy might not get off the ground and we shouldn't be surprised if we actually see a slightly uncomfortable Tony Blair at the Chilcot hearings or at least a man who has got to be on top of his game when it comes to grinning and spinning and not only trying but also a big chunk of continued lying are going to be the only things to help him out of this one. Talk about being caught red handed and who knows the disgusting little hypocrite and war criminal might indeed end up behind bars. Yes, aren't they lucky in 'Blighty' as a new era is in the offing with the possible advent of the "Cameron years"? 

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