Monday, January 4, 2010

Puppets on a string

There is a documentary on Germany's 'ARD' channel at the moment; "Liebe an der Macht" ('Love in Power') and Michelle said to Barak; "Speak in simple sentences so the simple people can understand you." Time to get up, go to the toilet and vomit. What disgusting drivel, what a con and Henry Gondoff and Johnny Hooker would have been in awe of this sting.

The British and Americans have closed their embassies in the Yemen and the latest news is that they have been followed by the French, German and Japanese. Further news; we will all now be treated like shit on arriving in the US and the citizens of ten particular countries, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Yemen, will be treated like big shit. In the meantime innocent civilians in the Yemen are now sharing the fate of their fellows in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Gaza, the Lebanon, and next stop Somalia and, who knows, maybe even Iran as "Uncle Sam" and good old "Blighty" pursue their grand strategy.

Michelle, your hypocritical hype man, "our" noble laurete, is not particularly verbose, he is not that difficult to understand and his problem is not that he doesn't speak in simple sentences. It's the drivel, the piffle, the spin and the lies, that is the problem.  For it is this gobblydegook nonsense that facilitates innocents being slaughtered. Without it Michelle, ..... well, without it, they just wouldn't get away with it, would they? Of course, without it, Barack wouldn't be president, would he?

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