Friday, January 1, 2010

Suggestions for a one state solution?

'Haaretz' today: "Despite the construction freeze, dozens of settlements in the West Bank are experiencing a building boom, even on the eve of another visit to the region by U.S. envoy George Mitchell to try to restart talks for a final settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians."

Would seem to confirm  Jonathan Cook's explicit contention in his article yesterday, which was titled, "the two state solution beginning to look impractical". Namely, that the two state solution is, at the very least, "impractical". Of course, any logical deduction would tell us that it has never really been on the cards. Or where exactly are the Palestinians supposed to have their state?

Time to put the word around here and get this seen for what it is a simple case of a majority population being occupied and persecuted in their own country, one country, that includes the zionist state and occupied Palestine. Well, of course, it is all occupied Palestine really and any suggestions for a one state solution?

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Constance Hilliard said...

Great post. The U.S. must begin to take the one-state solution more seriously. I have come to believe that it may be the only option for peace, not just in the Mideast but in the War on Terrorism as well.